Client Closet

This is the my client closet. I know many don't know what a “client closet” is so a client closet is a closet that is filled with high quality pieces that are ranging in all different sizes. I have everything from a maternity and non-maternity dresses to little girl dresses and boys outfits. The client closet is included in mostly every photo session that I offer! As a photographer I understand that wardrobe plays a big part in your photography session. It can make your images go from normal to absolutely amazing. Below is what is currently in my offered.

Please contact me if you have nay questions!

Kids Clothes

I have girl's clothes from 6m-size 12 and boy's 6m-4t. This is only a portion of the children's outfits that can be provided.

During your outfit guide I can provide more images and help coordinate everyone's outfits!